Phoenix Wedding Video

Package Prices

Basic Package $1000.00

Complete Package $1200.00

Ultimate Package $1700.00

Premium  Package $2300.00
2 digital cameras capture the ceremony
Up to 6 hrs includedUp to 8 hrs includedUp to10 hrs included
Unlimited hrs. included
2 digital cameras at the reception.
Photo montage1 intro to Wedding.
10 Photos included30 photos included30 photos included
30 photos included
Edited DVD with menu
1 Included 2 Included 3 Included
3 Sets included
Raw Footage on VHS tape.
Love Story2 
$150.002 hrs. Included3 hrs. Included
4 hrs. Included

Rehearsal 3 hrs.

Guest Wishes 3
Brides Wedding Day4
Not availableNot availableNot available
Honeymoon Montage

1 Photo Montage can include pictures of bride and groom growing up or together and engagement photos, with photographer permission, set to music.

2 Love story is basically an interview with the bride the groom and together about how you met and fell in love. This can be edited in advance and played at the rehearsal dinner or reception.

3 Guest wishes are short clips of friends and family best wishes, shot at reception with 3rd non-3 chip digital camera.

Brides Wedding Day includes videographer following the bride from early morning, you set the time, untill she leaves the reception and 3 two DVD sets. Each set contains 1 DVD with wedding and reception and the other includes highlights of the brides day, rehearsal  and honeymoon montage.

Honeymoon montage includes up to 30 photos and or video up to 15 min. Also means video will be on a two DVD set.

Custom packages are available please contact me at


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